Malta Trademarks / Search

Trademark Search in Malta

Before filing a trademark application it should be checked whether the trademark does not infringe third party rights. Otherwise an opposition might be lodged against your trademark and it might have to be cancelled.

After the registration trademark searches conducted at regular intervals are helpful to protect your trademark rights. Search information on newly registered Malta trademarks allow you to determine whether there is a likelihood of confusion with your trademark.


In order to perform a trademark search in Malta we require the following:

  1. The trademark details;
  2. The trademark class(es);
  3. The trademark number or application number;
  4. Name of owner or applicant;
  5. Grant date or filing date;
A Power of Attorney is not required in order to perform a trademark search in Malta.

TM Search Options

There are two different options which differ on the extent of search:

  • Identical Trademark Search
  • Identical & Similar Trademark Search
Malta is a single class jurisdiction. Therefore all trademark searches have to be performed per class.

Search Results

It usually takes 7-10 working days until the search results are issued.
The exact timeframe depends on the working processes of the Malta IPO and may vary.