Malta Trademarks / Renewal

Trademark Renewal in Malta

The duration of registration of a trademark is 10 years, which start running from the date of registration.
The trademark may be renewed for further periods of 10 years, after the payment of the renewal fee.
The renewal takes effect from the expiry of the previous registration.


The filing requirements for a Trademark Renewal in Malta are the following:

  1. The trademark number which was issued by the Malta IPO on the "Certificate of Registration";
  2. The trademark owner's name and address;
A Power of Attorney is not required in order to apply for a trademark renewal in Malta.

Due Date

The trademark renewal (payment of the official renewal fee) has to be carried out up to the date of expiry in order to prevent the official late payment fine.

Late Renewal & Grace Period

A late renewal of a Malta trademark (late payment of the official renewal fee) is possible within a grace period of 6 months from the trademarks date of expiry. A late payment of the renewal fees is subject to the official surcharges, which depend on the month of payment. A renewal after the grace period is not possible.

Up to Expiry Date Within Grace Period of 6 months from Expiry Date After Grace Period
Usual Renewal ← Late Payment possible → Renewal not possible.

Early Renewal

An early renewal of a Malta trademark (early payment of the official renewal fee) is possible within not more than 6 months before the date of expiry.

Renewal Certificate

It usually takes around 12 weeks until the Renewal Certificate will be issued.
The exact timeframe depends on the working processes of the Malta IPO and may vary.

Trademark Restoration

Should the trademark owner have failed to renew within the grace period (late renewal) the trademark will be removed from the official register.

Where the Comptroller has removed a trademark from the register he may, upon a request filed on the prescribed form within 6 months of the date of the removal of the mark and accompanied by the appropriate renewal fee and appropriate restoration fee, restore the mark to the register and renew its registration if, having regard to the circumstances of the failure to renew, he is satisfied that it is just to restore such mark.