Malta Trademarks / Alternation

Trademark Alternation in Malta  .  Change of Name / Address

When the proprietor of a registered trademark or a licensee wishes to enter a change in his name or address as recorded in the register, he shall do so by submitting a request to the IPO. In case there are changes in the name and the address it is possible to apply for these alternations in the same deed.


The filing requirements for Trademark Alternations in Malta are the following:

  1. The Power of Attorney (POA Requirements);
  2. Documents showing proof of the change of name / address (only on demand);
  3. The number of the trademark concerned;
  4. The change to be recorded (name / address);
  5. The name and address of the applicant or the owner prior to the change;

Documents Showing Proof

Documents showing proof of the trademark applicant's / owner's change of name or address are only required on request.
Exact document types are not defined. A document showing proof can be for e.g. an extract from the Companies House of the applicant's / owner's country, a copy of the applicant's / owner's ID Card or similar.