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Patent Search in Malta

Before applying for a patent it is advisable to conduct a search for patent information for the following reasons:

  • Avoiding the wast of time / money by duplicating an invention that already exists (prior art);
  • Determing if you are infringing another patent;
  • Obtaining competitive patent information;
  • Determining whether a patent is valid;
After the registration patent monitoring or patent searches conducted at regular intervals are helpful to protect your patent rights.


In order to perform a Patent Search in Malta we require the following:

  1. The patent title;
  2. The patent number or application number;
  3. Name of owner or applicant;
  4. Grant date or filing date;
A Power of Attorney is not required.

Search Results

It usually takes 7-10 working days until the search results are issued.
The exact timeframe depends on the working processes of the Malta IPO and may vary.